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Creative Wealth can provide your business with a fully compliant, cost effective, tailored solution.

Workplace Pensions, are you in?


You may have seen and heard the advertisements running again recently, “We’re in, are you?” and you may have begun to receive information about auto enrolment.

There is new legislation introduced by the Government, to benefit those people in work, through new workplace
pension schemes. No matter what sector or business you are in, anyone who is an employer, even if you have as
little as one member of staff you need to enrol them in a pension scheme.
Employees have the right to opt out of the scheme, but it is up to you to enrol them first of all. Each company
has different enrolment dates these are called ‘staging dates’.

To give yourself enough time to go through the process, The Pension regulator recommends a minimum 12 month period to implement this. If you fail to comply with these dates you could be fined substantial amounts.

Make the right choice


You also need to consider what pension scheme you should use and a suitable company too, this may not be the company you are already using.

As part of the end to end auto enrolment process Creative Wealth’s AE partner provides. They will use a professional, independent discretionary fund manager (DFM) to manage the investments. The City based DFM will manage the default fund to specified objectives set by the Trustees of the Scheme and within the guidelines laid out by the Government and various regulators.

Finally you need to take into account how you are going to implement Auto Enrolment. If you have a large workforce this may seem like an enormous task, especially if you have multiple staging dates to consider.

The Auto Enrolment solution by Creative Wealth, has been developed to provide business owners an effective
and affordable solution that will suit any sized employer, in any industry or sector. Don’t forget…

  • It is Legislation so all Employers have to take action
  • Significant fines if an Employer fails to act by certain deadline dates
  • Employees see this as a benefit, so a happier workforce
  • Simple and quick to start the process via our web portal
  • Industry leading fee structure

“I received a letter advising me of my staging date and fortunately I had seen information on the
web from Creative Wealth. We looked into our options and it was a very simple choice to make,
based on speed, simplicity and cost your company came out on top.
Thanks so much for all your assistance and for making this process painless.”

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