Estate Planning

Creative Wealth offers a comprehensive range of services that help clients protect their assets whilst they are alive, provides protection for them should their health fail and finally ensure that their wishes are followed after they pass.

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When preparing our recommendation we will highlight all the options available to our clients, but at the same time we are conscious of the fact that not all clients budgets or attitudes are the same and we put no pressure on clients to purchase services that they are not comfortable with.

We also work with a network of financial advisers & tax specialists, who can help our clients protect their assets and maximise the returns on their investments.

There are many reasons to make a Will, from simply making matters less stressful for your family or appointing guardians for minor children to maximising tax efficiency or protecting against residential care fees.

No two client’s circumstances are the same so your Creative Wealth consultant will evaluate your situation before recommending a solution that meets your needs.

We know that making a Will can be an emotional time and have years of experience in helping clients document their wishes in a patient and sensitive manner.


Care Fees

Possibly the biggest single concern expressed to us by our clients is the fear that their hard-earned savings and, more significantly, the family home that they made sacrifices over a number of years to pay for, may be lost to pay for care fees as they get older.

The good news is that there are a number of ways in which you can legally protect your property – if you act in good time.

This can either be achieved using Wills (where the property is owned by a couple and both partners are still alive) or, in a wider range of circumstances (including where one partner has already passed on), by using Lifetime Trusts.

As well as providing protection from care fees, these trusts may have wider benefits in terms of flexible estate planning for your children and grandchildren, and may also reduce the eventual cost of probate.

Creative Wealth can provide advice on a range of trusts to suit each client’s own particular circumstances and goals.