Property Protection

A simple Will is certainly better than none at all, but it does have one major shortcoming.

If a widow or widower is already in a residential care home – or subsequently requires such care in the future –any property that they own on their owns will be taken into account when their ability to fund their own care is assessed.

This can mean that all but their last £14,250 is taken to pay for care – including the value of their home.

By arranging Property Protection Trust Wills, a couple can ensure that the surviving party never owns the family home in isolation and it is owned in such a way that the Local Authority must disregard its value in their assessment.  As a result, although some other assets may still be lost to pay for care homes, at least the family home will ultimately pass to the children and/or grandchildren.

In many cases, Property Protection Trust Wills can also provide the protections described in Bloodline Protection Trust Wills.