Research & Development Tax Relief

Only 0.6% of potentially eligible companies are making claims for their Research & Development costs.

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Are you missing out?


Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits are a Government incentive set up to give innovative companies money back for the costs they have incurred in this area.

Many businesses need to invest time, effort and money, either as a one-off or on a regular basis. The most successful see this as an ongoing requirement to ensure they have new products or the latest technology. But sadly not many know that there is Government support to help them.

The truth is, too many business owners are unaware of this or are daunted by the prospect of making a claim.

The reality is in fact very different. There are specialists in this field, available to manage the claim process on behalf of your business. This is where Creative Wealth are assisting business owners across the UK. With the average claim in the region of £40.000 in R&D relief annually. Can you afford to ignore this opportunity?

A wide range of R&D

Not all R&D activity will be immediately obvious. In fact some of the most significant claims for clients have come from sectors you wouldn’t have expected. So we always recommend contacting us to discuss your individual business criteria and potential claim.

Here are some questions to ask yourself…

  • Have you developed or improved an existing product or process
  • Have you improved an existing manufacturing process
  • Have you developed software in house
  • Do you employ scientists, engineers, developers or technicians
  • Have you subcontracted out any of the above

Creative Wealth and their specialist tax partners, have assisted Britannia Taxis Ltd based in Merseyside, in reclaiming R&D tax credits:

“In a short space of time, with minimum impact on our day to day duties, we were able to achieve a great outcome for the business. Although we have always invested heavily in our business and our constantly evolving IT based infrastructure, we were never aware that we could reclaim essential costs. We can now look forward, knowing that we will benefit from these tax credits year after year, with the assistance of Creative Wealth.”
Jimmy Aden – Britannia Cars

Watch this short video below. Which explains the process and how we can potentially reclaim significant tax credits for your company:

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